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Wolfie + Willow Classic Leather Moccasins - Violet

Classic Leather Moccasins - Violet

Wolfie + Willow

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Vegetable tanned eco leather.

Handmade in Wales

Wolfie + Willow moccasins are beautifully crafted soft structured shoes ideal for babies and little adventurers.

Ethical, stylish and comfortable they grow more beautiful as the leather patinas naturally through wear.

Presented in an environmentally friendly shoebox.

Wolfie+Willow moccasins are designed to ensure that the developing bones in feet are able to move naturally without any restriction.
The shoes soft structure protects little feet and does not hinder natural development as they are made from lightweight leather which moulds to the foot like a second skin. This allows a child to feel the ground beneath them which is essential as they learn to move, balance and hone their motor skills.
Recommended for indoor and light outdoor use.
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