Grand Old Oak and the Birthday Ball - Rachel Piercey, Freya Hartas

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With its gnarled trunk, giant branches and glossy leaves, Grand Old Oak is Bear's favourite tree in the woodland. When Bear learns that Oak is five hundred years old, he decides to plan an extra-special birthday ball.

In this first storybook of poetry, join Bear and his friends through the seasons as they prepare a magical birthday party, with lots of things to spot along the way.
· An immersive, cosy world that encourages little ones to look at nature around them and step into a world of imaginative play, where animals do just as a child would: play games, enjoy a party, go on a picnic and experience each season of life
· Engaging spotting activity for young children, with spreads themed around Oak's birthday party set in the magical woodland, and a familiar cast of woodland friends to follow
· A sure hit for fans of the well-loved first book in the series, If You Go Down to the Woods Today
· Perfect birthday gift book which builds an immersive, tender world and encourages the reader to look at the natural world around them with wonder and delight

  • Hardback
  • 32 pages
  • Magic Cat Publishing
  • Great for ages 3-7

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