I Am Life - Elisabeth Helland Larsen, Marine Schneider

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Personified as an unassuming yet enchanting creature, Life visits flowers, animals, and humans with her gifts of energy and positivity.

A pink-winged creature flies across each page; Life is present within all things. The pastel-coloured protagonist befriends and animates every living being from bees that pollinate spring flowers to turtles that live under the sea to grandparents who impart wise words. Whether short or long, Life is always present. 

A sensitive story that answers many childhood questions, I am Life is the lovingly crafted complementary volume to Life and I, a Little Gestalten favourite. As Life and I addressed themes of loss, I am Life embarks on a colourful journey about Life’s magic and the never-ending search for the meaning of life. 

Best suits 3-7 year olds

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