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Floris Books Maze Running - Fabled Beast Chronicles - Lari Don

Maze Running - Fabled Beast Chronicles - Lari Don

Floris Books

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The Master of the Maze is back. Can Helen and the fabled beasts finally defeat him? The heart-stopping finale of the bestselling Fabled Beast Chronicles.

One of Helen's friends is dying, stabbed in the heart by the Master, and this life-threatening injury needs a magical remedy. Helen and her fabled-beast friends unite, with the help of the dragons, to find a magical token with the power to cure. But they only have until tomorrow night.

On their quests through Scotland for the enchanted healing tokens, they battle with magical lizards, monstrous goats, and a vengeful giant. Fighting together, can they cure their friend and finally defeat the power-crazed Master of the Maze?

  • Paperback
  • 198 x 130mm
  • 288 pages
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