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Modern Cloth Nappies One Size Reusable Nappy Wrap - Golden Hour

One Size Reusable Nappy Wrap - Golden Hour

Modern Cloth Nappies

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Designed as a one-size-fits-most, this reusable nappy wrap should fit from around 8-35 lbs (approx 3.5kg - 16kg) baby to toddler. With 4 rows of adjustable snaps, you can adjust the waist and rise of the nappy to get the perfect fit as your baby grows.

Quality PUL printed shell with a soft external binding around the edge.

There are also 2 elasticated flaps inside. Should you choose to use inserts and/or prefolds with this wrap, you can tuck them under at either end and the elasticated flaps will help hold them in place.

There is also an external double-gusset on the leg. This is a must have feature, as it reduces the chance of any leaks but it also allows more flexibility and comfort when it comes to your little one.

Recommended washing

Long Wash (sometimes labelled 'cottons') Programme (2.5 hours minimum at max 60°c)
Hand Dry (or tumble dry on LOW if essential).
We recommend regular washing at 40°c to prolong nappy life.

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