Ratty's Big Adventure - Lara Hawthorne

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In this beautifully illustrated picture book from Lara Hawthorne, a mysterious creature from a secluded volcano crater explores the outside world for the very first time . . . but is it not what he expects it to be! Will his adventure teach him there is no place like home?

Ratty, an ENORMOUS woolly, vegetarian rat, lives deep inside the crater of an ancient volcano nestled in the rainforest. One day, he spies a particularly delicious-looking fruit high in the treetops, and sets out to reach it. From this high vantage point a spectacular view stretches before him - the world outside his mountain crater. In this big outside world, Ratty imagines, the fruit must be much sweeter, the bird songs more beautiful and the other animals far more interesting and sophisticated, and so he sets off in search of better things. But when is he is asked to attend a dinner party by a crocodile who seems just a bit too friendly, Ratty realises that perhaps there is no place like home after all.

Inspired by the recent scientific breakthroughs of Mount Bosavi, in which over 40 new species of animals and plants were identified, Lara Hawthorne seamlessly combines story and fact in this picture book which celebrates the diversity of life, and being thankful for what you have! For fans of the BBC's The Lost Land of the Volcano, with insights from entomologist Dr George McGavin, who was part of the original expedition team.

Publication date: 16 Sept 2021

Format: Hardback

Number of pages: 40

Dimensions: (height & width) 280 mm x 225 mm


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