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Senger Naturwelt Small Cuddly Whale
Senger Naturwelt Small Cuddly Whale
Senger Naturwelt Small Cuddly Whale

Small Cuddly Whale

Senger Naturwelt

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Cuddly toy and warming pillow in one including a removable cotton cushion, which is filled with organic cherry pits. The cherry pits are also perfect for cooling.

These soft friends make perfect travel companions, nursing pillows or even a warming cushion for the sofa.

Outer 100% organic cotton plush, inner cotton filling so this particular Senger Naturwelt toy is vegan

Approx 38x6.5x13cm, weight 500g.

CE marked and safety tested as suitable from 2 months old.


Not suitable for premature babies, or babies under 2 months old, due to risk of overheating. Please be careful! Check for warmth by using your own hand.

DO NOT MICROWAVE, the pillow will burn!

Instructions for warming: Remove the cushion through the zipped opening in the belly of the toy, and heat in the oven at a max temperature of 75°C for approx 2-3 minutes. Can also be warmed on a radiator, keep an eye on it and check the temperature with your hand.

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