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Trippen Women's 'Insulator' Ankle Boot - Blue, Sport Sole
Trippen Women's 'Insulator' Ankle Boot - Blue, Sport Sole
Trippen Women's 'Insulator' Ankle Boot - Blue, Sport Sole

Women's 'Insulator' Ankle Boot - Blue, Sport Sole


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The pleated leather edges create a sense of graphic spaciousness in this otherwise unassuming lace-up ankle boot.

Made from 100% vegetable tanned leather. The leather is sourced from tanneries belonging to the LWG, find out more here:

Fully repairable and resoleable. The used soles will be recycled into new soles for further pairs of boots!

This model runs true to size.

The Sport collection is sewn, not glued, in order to eliminate the need for solvent-based adhesives. Embedded air chambers reduce the weight and provide optimum shock absorption. A full grain leather insole stabilises the construction and guarantees an excellent fit. The raised base allows the shoe to be worn without the risk of moisture seeping in. The sole’s profile, which is cut in two and reassembled, is based on the texture of standard rubber sheeting. This allows an increase in the model's slip resistance in addition to creating a new design.

Awards: 2013 Good Design Award, nominated for German Design Award 2015

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