Wool Fleece Booties - Huckleberry

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Warm and soft booties made of mulesing free merino wool, which makes them super soft – and they do not scratch. Simply because the fibers in the merino wool are thinner and longer than in other types of wool. It makes them ultra-soft and very comfortable to wear.

The booties are OEKO-TEX certified. That is your assurance that there hasn’t been harmful chemicals used in the processing of the fabric.

MIKK LINE design natural and soft wool wear that will keep your child warm. Natural fibres, safety, high quality, and animal welfare are central pillars in the production of this garment.

95% merino wool, 5% polyester

- Natural merino wool
- Mulesing free
- Oeko-Tex certified – no harmful chemicals
- Insulating
- Breathable
- Total easy care
- Adjustable fitting
- Natural fibres
- Ultra-soft quality - does not scratch
- Regulates body temperature
- Naturally water-repellent
- Fast dry
- Absorbs sweat and moisture
- Selfcleaning
- Antibacterial
- Retains its colour and shape

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