New delivery of some classics from Ostheimer, including some Fairytale pieces!

The SMALL-FOLK Journal

Senger naturwelt cuddly animal uk stockist

Senger Naturwelt Cuddly Animals

We received some inquiries about the Senger Naturwelt cuddly toys and wanted to take a moment to address an important safety point about heating the inner removable warming pillows...
Ostheimer wooden toys uk

Introducing: Ostheimer Wooden Toys

Based in Germany, Ostheimer has been crafting wooden toys for over 70 years...
Liewood Christmas Stocking

Stocking Fillers To Wear, To Play & To Inspire...

If you are on the hunt for stocking fillers or a small gift or two, our handpicked selection includes beautiful items suited to a range of ages, all priced under £20.
Introducing: Londji Puzzles & Games

Introducing: Londji Puzzles & Games

Designed in Barcelona and made in Pla de l’Estany, Girona, Londji are designers of toys, art, games and puzzles for kids, featuring charming, full-colour illustrations that are a real feast for the eyes!
Staff Picks For Spring: Martine's Day-Care Activities

Staff Picks For Spring: Martine's Day-Care Activities

Next in our series of staff picks, Martine, the most recent person to join the SMALL-FOLK team shares with us her favourite items for Thursdays; a day each week that she spends looking after Anna's son Heath.
SMALL-FOLK Spring 2023 Children and Women's Sustainable Clothing and Accessories - Gardening, Park Walks, Picnics

Spring at SMALL-FOLK - New Women & Children's Picks To Inspire Outdoor Activities

In almost a month's time Spring Equinox will mark the start of the new season here in the UK. We have picked a selection of new items that will complement three of our favourite springtime activities - gardening, park walks and picnics. 
Get to Know: Brin d'Ours

Get to Know: Brin d'Ours

Brin d’Ours are makers of handmade, sustainable children's wooden toys and animals, crafted from natural materials and designed with love in France. Arriving ahead of spring, we are so pleased to welcome a full restock of Brin d’Our designs to SMALL-FOLK, as one of two stockists here in the UK!
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